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3 Career Fields For Your Business Administration Degree

Business administration is a popular degree because many post-secondary institutions offer an online option and it is often easier to pursue the field to graduate level, even if you have a different academic background. If you are interested in a business degree, you may not realize there are numerous paths to an interesting career after college.

Hospitality/Restaurant Management

With the popularity of hotel and restaurant makeover shows, you might realize there is a common theme in these poorly-performing businesses. Many hotels and restaurants have inadequate management, which ultimately leads to their demise. Having an understanding of what it takes to excel in the hotel and restaurant industry can be a great opportunity to use your degree for consulting positions.

You may want to be an employee of a larger consulting firm or decide to branch-out on your own and start your own consulting business. If you enjoy working with people from different backgrounds, this might be the ideal career choice. You will likely need to work closely with engineers, interior designers, chefs, and marketing executives to develop a plan for improvement.

Small Business Management

Since business administration has several minors or specializations that pair well with the field, you might utilize your degree to help small businesses start or grow. Some specializations that may be helpful if you choose this avenue are classes in taxation, or even pursuing certification as an accountant. Since small businesses have different tax issues than larger corporations, it can be attractive for small businesses and other self-employed individuals to hire an accountant who specializes in these unique accounting needs.

Combining the field of business with being a certified accountant means you can consult professionals on their business plan, especially entrepreneurs who may need to decide the appropriate type of business entity for tax reporting purposes. Marketing is another useful skill in the world of small businesses. One of the major hurdles of marketing as a small business is the lack of a large marketing budget and building trust when the business world is filled with large corporations and businesses with brand recognition.

Business Analytics

The analytic side of business is often overlooked and underappreciated, but it can be an interesting field to pursue. Both small and large businesses need experts to crunch numbers regarding their previous sales and help make projections about the future. Not only does the field require significant experience in the area of statistics and knowing the appropriate tests to use in different situations, but you need to have a thorough understanding of the market. Your judgment could be used to determine whether a company decides to buy a particular product and the appropriate price for buying.

Having a business administration degree can open new paths to a rewarding career field. Fortunately, you can take almost any interest and pair it with your business degree.

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